Website Investing Case Study 1 The 3 Months Update

Website Investing Case Study 1 (The 3 Months Update)

In my previous post for this WICS1 Series, I shared how I found the site and the process I went through to bought the site. The acquisition was completed 3 months ago. So here is the 3 months update for my website investing journey.

In this update, I will share as much detail as possible but I won’t be revealing the website itself. For known and unknown reasons, I prefer to keep the website secret. But be assured that this case study will still be an interesting one whether you know the site or not.

So without delaying, let’s start MELEPAK with this post!

Website Grown 3x From Original Earnings. Woohoo!!

I’m just gonna put it out there that I am SUPER HAPPY with the performance and growth of this website. I know from the start that I can grow the site but didn’t expect it to grow this quickly. But nevertheless, I will take it.

Website Stats in March 2020

Here’s a recapped of the website when I first bought it in March 2020:

  • Traffic: 4500 Unique Visitors
  • Earning: $628/Mth
  • # of Post: 64 (91K Words)
  • # of Keywords: 2900 (Ahrefs)

Website Stats in June 2020

June 2020 Traffic
June 2020 Earnings

And here’s the stats for the website in June 2020:

  • Traffic: 7900 Unique Visitors
  • Earning: $1587/Mth
  • # of Post: 92 (235K Words)
  • # of Keywords: 2900 (Ahrefs)

If you compare the stats, you can see that the traffic has grown to 7900 UV and income has more than double in the past 3 months.

What Did I Do To The Site?

You must be wondering what I did to the site to see an impressive growth like that. From the stats above, you can obviously guess 1 thing that I did – published more content! In the 3 months, I managed to publish 28 new posts (adding 144k words). How exactly did I do it? Ok let me share.

1. Adding More Content

The first thing that I did when completing the acquisition was to hire writers for the site. I cannot write for nuts. I outsource all my content for all my websites. In fact, I am kinda surprise myself that I am actually writing all the post for myself.

Hiring Writers on Upwork

Having used Upwork for the past 8 years (even when it was still called Elance), I have built a reputation for myself there and knows a thing or two on how to hire quality freelancer fast. Within a day, I have 15 proposals from writers and shortlisted 5. I gave all 5 a trial article of which I hired 3 for this particular site. (At any one time, I am managing 10-15 writers for various sites).

The seller was kind enough to provide me with his list of keywords that he has researched on. So it was easy for me to assign the first few batch of articles. I focus on Money Post for the first 2 months before shifting to more Info Post to mix it up.

Promoting 1 Writer to Editor

At the start of May, I promoted the best writer of the 3 to be my editor. With that promotion, I was able to start my 2nd growth process for the site.

2. Improve Current Content

Other than adding more content, it is important to ensure that your current content are of high quality and up to date. So the 2nd step that I did to see huge growth to the site was improving on the current content. I assigned my editor to look through and edit all 62 current articles. I wanted him to rephrase and check that everything is good.

On top of that, I asked him to add 500 more words to every post. This will definitely improve the quality of every post and it did. As a result of improving plus adding more words, I see a significant jump in the keywords ranking.

3. Redesign And Improve Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The 3rd thing that I did was to have a mini redesign and improve on CRO. I noticed that the money post for the site were not optimized fully. Some post do not have a proper table (to showcase the product), no proper buttons and call-to-action (CTA) and some do not have the images of the product.

Seeing that, I know that I need to do a mini makeover. I installed my preferred page builder (Thrive Architect) and get on working. I am a little OCD for this part (Image size needs to be the same, spacing needs to be perfect, etc) so I never outsource it. This part I have to do it on my own.

The Result After Redesign

As of this month (June 2020), I am 2/3 done with improving CRO. I still have about 20 more post to go through and redesign it. But for that much that I’ve done, there was an increase in the click-through-rate (CTR) on my Amazon Affiliate links. When I bought it in March, the CTR was 3.48%. Now it has increased to almost 6%. Almost double the CTR. What this means is that I have increased the number of customers to Amazon by 2 times. How awesome is that!

Current Return Of Investment (ROI) For The Site

So let’s calculate what is my ROI for the site after 3 months. But before I can calculate the ROI, I will need to also know how much I have spent on the site in the last 3 months.

Total Expenditure So Far

What I Spent OnAmount Spent
Website Acquisition$11,878
Hosting Plan$350
Escrow Fees$35
Content for April, May & June$1150
Link Building (SEO Guest Post)$390
Total Expenditure$14,428

Total Earnings So Far

Monthly ReportMonthly Earnings
Only Eleven Days of March 2020$57.21
Full Month of April 2020$1021.78
Full Month of May 2020$1665.59
Full Month of June 2020$1587.47
Total Earnings$4332.05

So based on my total expenditure and total earnings, my ROI for this website investment is:

(4332.05 / 14428) x 100% = 30.6%

And at this current earning ($1587), my site is now valued at $47,610 if I decides to sell it now. Isn’t that something? So website investing is great provided you know what you are doing.

Which other type of investment can give you returns of 30% in 3 months? None.

Pak Melepak (June 2020)

So What’s Next For The Site?

The plan is to work on the site and continue growing it till end of the year. By December 2020, I hope to increase the site earnings to $3000/mth and sell it for $100,000. That’s the end goal for this site.

This $100,000 can go a long way for my next property purchase (MOP in 3 years). But of course, I will reinvest some of it into more websites.

Short term goal is to add more post (150 post) by September and keep on improving on the site. I may also look at other form of monetization such as display ads in the coming months.

So that’s all for now. Hope you have enjoy this update and thank you for MELEPAK with me. I will post another update in September. Hope it will be another positive update.

If you have any question or feedback, please comment below. Thank you!

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